Leather Bracelet With Bronze Badge and Turquoise Inlay

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The Trout 2.0 bronze Turquoise inlay provides a new look. Each trout will be unique as each bronze badge is drilled one by one, so each piece will vary. After drilling these holes into the bronze, the artist fills each one with a mixture of finely ground Turquoise and epoxy. These badges will be thicker and pitted giving a classic look to these bracelets. A strong, colorful fish; known for their simple beauty. Attracting both the skilled and novice angler for the challenge of the fight. Whether you catch or release, the trout is a worthy opponent.

These unisex bracelets look fantastic on fly fishers of all types. A guide friend wore one all summer without taking it off. Not recommended, but it looks great! Handmade using the best materials and craftsmanship by artist Egdar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions.

Each piece will develop its own patina through wear and exposure to the elements making it your own. Badge mounted on .80" leather cuff. Accented with leather and rivets on both sides of the badge. Fastened with 'just right' adjustable sizing closure to size down to 6" or up to 8" wrist. Specify Rustic Brown or Midnight Black & Style.


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