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Wishin' I was fishin',

"Grandpapa Alan" Written by Alan Liere

My son, Matt, informed me recently that I'm going to be a grandfather. I asked him how come.
"Well," Matt said, "it seems Leahlyn is pregnant."
"Pregnant!" I screamed. "You've barely been married 13 years! I turn my back on you for a few minutes and...what's the hurry?"
"Well, " Matt said again, "Leahlyn felt her biological clock might be..."
"Nonsense!" I roared. "What about my biological clock?"
"What about your biological clock?" Matt asked.
"I'm not ready to be a grandpa!" I said. "I was just getting used to being a father. Why, lookee here--my knuckles are barely hairy and my lap isn't nearly wide enough. I can't stand gray button-down sweaters, and I still like to chase Lacey around the dining room table now and then."
"How come?" Matt asked with a grin.
"I forget," I said.
"Well, I think you're more ready to be a grandpa than you think," Matt quipped. "A young grandpa," he added. "What do you want to be called?"
"Yeah--what do you want your first grandchild to call you? Leahlyn was thinking maybe 'Papa Alan' or 'Grandpapa Alan' would be sort of cute."
"I think I like 'Big Al, King of the Universe,' better," I said. "Or maybe 'Most Exalted and Punctilious Nabob.'"
"That's a lot to remember," Matt said.
"Well, then, what's the matter with 'Grandpa'?" I asked. "I knew some very fine gentlemen who went by 'Grandpa.' Yours, for example. And mine, too. What's with this cutesy name thing all of a sudden? And as long as we're talking and I'm complaining, what other expectations do you have for me as a grandparent?"
"Well...," Matt began.
"On second thought," I interrupted, "I have some very strong thoughts of my own about grandparenting. I don't, for example, think I should feel obligated to buy any toy made of plastic--especially blue or orange plastic. Cane, more likely. Graphite at the very least. I don't think I should have to wear sweatshirts that say, 'World's Greatest Grandpa,' but would consider 'World's Greatest Fly Fisherman.' I don't think I should be expected to keep a cupboard full of candy to bribe the little tyke when he comes to visit. And I never, ever, want him messing with my fly vise.
"I do think I should be allowed to keep the kid supplied with Lincoln Logs, books, and peacock herl, and when he gets older I'll get him a library card and a fly rod. When he gets a lot older, I'll give him a good fly rod. If he misbehaves, I'll give him a swat, and if he turns into a teenager, I'll lock him in his room."
"That sounds reasonable," Matt said. "But Leahlyn has already had an ultrasound. The doctor says we're having a girl."
"What's your point?"
"You said, 'He.'"
"Do you prefer 'It'? Boy or girl--it makes no difference to me. My expectations are the same. Little girls like Lincoln Logs and soft peacock herl, too."
"So, you don't like 'Papa Alan'?" Matt said.
"That is correct."
"And you don't plan on investing your nest egg at Toys R Us?"
"More likely The Rainbow Fly Shop."
"And there'll be some discipline mixed in with books and feathers and fishing rods and love?"
"That's pretty much the way you raised me."
"You can't argue with success, son," I said. "You can't argue with success."

Alan Liere
Fish Tales: A Collection of Humorous Fishing Stories
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