March 2011 Newsletter

John Gierach's New Book
No Shortage of Good Days

America's favorite fly-fishing writer returns with new observations on fishing, life, & more fishing! John's first new book in three years, "No Shortage of Good Days," will be available in May 2011. John will be here in Oregon signing books on May 25th. Pre-order your copy now to have it autographed and delivered in time for Fathers' Day. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a signed first edition from John Gierach as a unique addition to your library, for the perfect Father's Day gift, or just hide it away for the next birthday or special occasion. Hardcover, 224 pages
#14AB1336 $24.00

Fly Fishing Personal: No Worms Allowed

Tired of the baiting game, SWF, 34, 5'7", needs to find a true fly-fishing love after being involved with basshole. Want to get out of frightening Ranger boat preferred by Iranian Navy and learn the subtle art of tying on something that doesn't get slime all over my hands. No worms, leeches, shrimps. Waiting with baited breath.

--Excerpt from
An Inconvenient Trout
by Jack Ohman

Youth Education Spotlight

Cascade Christian High School, an accredited, non-denominational Christian school, is located near the Rogue River in Medford, Oregon. Cascade began a full-semester fly fishing elective class in 2005. Over 100 students have taken this class and have learned to tie flies, fishing knots, and to cast. Every student has crafted their own custom-built fly rod.

On a cold and wet day last May, Cascade Christian High Fly Fishing Class put their newly-built rods to the test. We arranged a day's fishing on Hyde Lake, one of Oregon's premier private 'fly fishing only' lakes, located near the headwaters of the Williamson River east of Chiloquin.

The dicey weather must have helped the fishing as twenty teenage fishers launched a flotilla of drift boats, pontoons and tubes to pursue Hyde Lake's own variety of line stripping rainbows. Early on the cry of 'fish on' rang across the lake, with most of the hookups ending in shouts of 'rats,' 'aaahhh,' and other expressions of frustration. Soon after, the word got around that the 4-6 pound, boney-mouthed trout needed a hard set on the hook and 'yee-haw' and 'whoa Dude' prevailed. The 3x tippet helped the students to land the fish in good shape for a quick photo and release. Fishers with hand nets got the best pictures, while the trophy of the day, at 28", proved too slippery and photo shy.

Our fish count for the day was about 60 fish, or about 250+ pounds of rainbows! Twelve students said that their Hyde Lake lunker was the first fish landed on their new rod. The goal was to hook these young folks on fly fishing for a lifetime, and to encourage them for some of the slower days ahead. Thanks to the Oregon Council of the FFF, the FFF, and many companies for continued support of our program.

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