May 2010 Newsletter

Get ready for the arrival of our new Summer catalog. We have hand-picked many new products that we know you will enjoy. I am really excited about the Power Jaw Forceps, which you can read about "here". So watch for it in your mailbox in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, check out our website for some great deals and maybe even a gift for Dad or the Grad in your life.
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Feature: Caddis Fly Jewelry

To trout, caddisflies are food. To fly fishermen, caddisflies, or a close imitation, are irresistible lures. But to Kathy Stout, caddisflies, thousands of them, are "artists" hard at work on a stunning array of natural "beads" that she turn into jewelry.

In 1995, Kathy and her then-husband Ben had this crazy idea. Ben is a biologist who specializes in stream ecosystems. While working on his research, he brought some caddisfly larva into his lab. What started as research has turned into a marketable hobby, a beautiful blending of science and art, business and pleasure.

Every year, between January and March, Kathy collects small larvae from headwater streams, where they live by the billions, which she transports to her simulated stream. Back home in the simulated stream. The caddisflies live in a case built from sand, stream gravel, tiny sticks, or plant debris. The tubular cases look like elongated beads. And that's where the jewelry making comes in. The idea was to get the caddisflies to use chosen stones or gemstones to create their protective cases (cocoons) around their bodies. When the caddisflies emerge as adults, the luminous cases, in a rainbow of colors, are collected to create beautiful, one of a kind jewelry. You can read the whole Wildscape story at the article titled The Wildscape Story.

At the Rogue Angler, we are proud to sell many of her fine pieces of jewelry.

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