Catch-A-Lure Fly Retriever

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Every angler has lost numerous flies to streamside brush. At $3 dollars or more a fly, that can add up, not to mention the grief of loosing the one fly that is working for you! Now you can get most of them back! This tool attaches harmlessly to the tip of your fly rod to cut line & retrieve flies entangled in nearby trees & bushes. It is easy to attach and use. The razor within the V-cutter cuts tippet up to 25lbs, while the magnets hold your fly for retrieval. You do not have to re-rig your rod to use, and the unique design puts almost no pressure on the rod blank or tip. Light weight at 7oz, bright green for easy visual against background colors. Stows away neatly (~4.0x1.0 inches), loop attachment.

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