Feather Mechanic: a Fly Tying Philosophy

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The book is a one of a kind, not to be missed experience. It is the direct result of years of personal experience, figuring things out for myself and coming up with a workable system to approaching tying that is logical and simple. What makes it different from anything else you've ever read is that it is not a book about tyings steps but rather a book about ideas. The book is a tying philosophy more than anything else. Colour photographs, colour & b/w illus, 6.65x9.44 inches, 233 pgs.

I got so bored with the conventional 'follow the numbers' way that tying got taught and felt there was a need for an alternative approach, hence writing this book". Chapters include: The first wrap; Design; Be prepared; Materials; Mechanics; Diawl Bach; CDC and Biot Nymph; Perdigon; Plaza Pupa; Papa Roach; Dragon Nugget; The Killers; Squirmy Wormy; The Snake; The gun; Dry fly design; Parachutes; Macaw Midge; Para Rab; Fred's Shuck Emerger; Micro patterns; CDC Dun; Easy Peasy Hopper; Balbyter; Wolf Spider; Whip finish; No man is an island.

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