Browntown CatchCLOG Clogs

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Dan Moyer is a self admitted shoe geek, with a 20+ year passion for fly fishing. This led to him seeking some fly fishing themed casual shoes to express his passion off the water. He was underwhelmed (bummed) to only find random, and often times cheesy, "fish shoes" online or super expensive custom painted shoes. Catchflo was born. Using on-demand manufacturing & technology, he created the first casual fishy footwear-only brand. Now every angler can afford a quality shoe in just the right style to express themselves!

Express your passion off, around, or in the water with our fishy take on the iconic clog style. Similar to Crocs, the Browntown CatchCLOG's are perfect to slip on or off getting into, or out of your waders. Great for around camp, out in the yard or anywhere stylish fish people like to go. Retro Fly Fuzz CatchSLIPP Slipper.
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•The upper is made of EVA
•Anti-Slip, Hard-Wearing, Quick-Drying
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