Saltwater Fish License Plate Art - Redfish

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Cody Richardson is a Colorado native who grew up exploring the rivers and streams of the Rocky Mountains. He switched gears from a career in fire fighting to pursue a personal passion for fly fishing and unique artwork. Cody's one of kind creations commemorate the passions and life events of his customers and can now be found around the world. Every license plate art piece is handmade and is unique. Yours will look very similar but will not be exactly the same as the photo example.

All pieces are built by wrapping license plates around a ¾-inch wooden base. They are pre-fitted with reinforced hanging wire so you can mount the piece straight out of the box. While the pieces look amazing hung without a frame, Cody feels that mounting the artwork on Framed Barnwood really adds definition and depth, which perfectly compliments aged license plates. The License plates used for 'Mixed Artwork' or Vintage are post-1975. Antique plates are typically pre-1971. Creation & delivery takes 3-4 weeks, up to 10 weeks for framed pieces. $25.00 large item fee added.

Saltwater Fish License Plate Art    feature the best sport fish found on the flats, out in the deep blue, or in tidewaters around the world. These stunning pieces are crafted using the regions local plates. This art pays homage to your salty sides favorite destination and prey. Redfish and Drum are at the top of many anglers list in the Gulf, Florida and Southeast!
   • All Redfish are 42x22 inches

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