Evolution Fly Fishing Compilation Film

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Outstanding compilation includes the newest saltwater fly fishing video from Capt Jack Films and the Off the Grid Studio team. All three of these films toured in the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour. 60+min. DVD

Chanos Chanos (Milkfish) Nearly three hundred miles southeast of Mahé, Seychelles lies far-flung Alphonse Island and adjacent to it, St. François Lagoon. This is remote, even for the Indian Ocean. Alphonse, one of the famed saltwater destinations of the planet, is by most accounts home to the most prolific bonefish fishery in the world.

Turning Points North: Canada Consider the popularity and variety of the technically-challenging and somewhat "elite" gamefish available to today's angler — permit, steelhead and a growing number of impossibly-difficult species. These "glamour fish" can overshadow traditional and more common warm water species. With this in mind, our production team initially questioned if a film about Northern Pike could stand its ground in today's media space. We came to the conclusion that Northern Pike are probably not going to blow viewers away unless we traveled to the best location in the world and caught the largest, most aggressive fish on the planet. Which is exactly what we did. Starring Jeff Currier and Ron Striker.

Jungle Angler: The Legend of El DoradoThe history of fly fishing dates back hundreds of years, evident in many of its contemporary traditions. Fly fishing in the jungle has a much shorter narration, but deep in the jungle lies an emerging history, known only to the native peoples of the South American forests. These Indian Nations, each with unique traditions and varying world views, harmonize with mutual respect for their natural environments. Join us on a quest for the legendary golden dorado on fly in the Bolivian jungle.

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