The Founding Flies of America

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60 flies by American tiers are presented in a unique, beautiful, split-cane bamboo fly box. Two each of 30 patterns are arranged corresponding to an 8-page booklet providing a history of the tiers and details about each fly. These tiers and the patterns they created were pivotal in the development of our sport and the flies that we use today. The perfect gift for any tier or angler! A wonderful keepsake, or get out and have fun seeing how many fish you can catch using these Founding Flies.

"But to one who has time, and is anxious to become conversant with all that pertains to our gentle craft, there is no indoor occupation so absorbing and time-killing as fly-tying, and one forgets in it little annoyances or heavier cares, and almost finds at home a substitute for the pleasures of the stream" – Thaddeus Norris, American Anglers Book (1864)

Tier's included:
Thaddeus Norris (1811-1878)
Theodore Gordon (1854-1915)
LeeWulff (1905-1991)
Carrie Stevens (1882-1970)
Don Gapen (1907-1986)
Art Winnie (1880-1966)
Dave Whitlock (1934- )
Len Halliday (1872-1952)
George Griffith (1901-1998)
Ed Shenk (1927-)
Don Martinez (1903-1955)
Wayne "Buz" Buszek (1912-1965)


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