Goat Head 1/2 Inch Sole Spikes

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The Goat Head 1/2 inch Combo Pack is a great way to start your journey with Sole Spikes™. The combo pack includes one cup of Sole Spikes™ and also a Sole Driver™ handle. The Sole Driver™ handle is perfect to slip into your pack or fishing vest for in the field Sole Spikes™ installation or adjustments. 30 Sole Spikes™ in your reusable cup means you have enough to fill your soles and reserve a few for later. Get your Goat Head Combo Pack today!

Cup>1/2" Sole Spike™ contains 30 stainless steel Sole Spikes&trade & 1 magnetized nut driver bit (¼" socket). 1/2 inch is especially for boots. Today's softer outsoles require a cleat that will hang tight and give you reliable traction for the same great price as our original Sole Spikes™! Get the legendary gripping Goat Head Sole Spikes™ for your next outdoor adventure or jog around the block. Sole Spikes™ will help keep you upright when conditions are less than ideal due to weather or running surface – or both. There are many uses for Sole Spikes™ so find a place for them in your gear bag!

Soles Spikes™ can be used for:
Fishing (fly fishing, ice fishing)
Hiking (casual day hikes to serious back country treks)
On the job (lifties, delivery, construction, tactical, public safety)
In your equipment (lawn mowers, snow blowers, fork lifts)
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