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With With 9 interchangeable attchements there is no limit to what you can do with this revolutionary fly tying system! Select the options you want for your Tywheel or TyTower and transform your vise area into an organized work space! TyWheel's top & bottom surface provide a magnetically charged work surface to keep up with your hooks, beads, tools or finished flies—magnets allow you to easily add/remove attachments in any order that you desire to customize your space. TyTower gives you organization & flexibility away from your vise, anywhere that you want it!

The TOOL attachment has plenty of space for all your ferrous (metal) and non-ferrous tools alike. NO MORE reaching or searching through your traditional tying bench, rummaging around on your table searching high and low under the tying material strewn across your tying table for your scissors or whip finisher. Keep all your essential tools right on your vise.

The SHALLOW TRAY attachment is great for hooks, beads, and other small tying materials. The magnetically charged trays help keep your tying materials separated and organized so you don't lose any more hooks and beads to the black hole below your tying table.

The SPOOL attachment helps you easily transition between flies by storing up to ten spools of thread on one attachment. Brass rods can be installed vertically or horizontally (top or side surface of this attachment) based on your preference. Having the ability to store thread to the side of the attachment eliminate any concern about interference while whipping up your favorite pattern. Comes with 5 brass dowels that store up to 10 spools of thread.

The CAN attachment is intended to be used to discard any excess materials as you are tying. The compact design allows for plenty of room to stuff the mess that normally ends up in your lap or on the floor. You don't have to worry about losing a brand new hook any longer - metal objects that fall into the receptacle are captured by a magnetic post which allows for easy retrieval of those valuable hooks.

The DEEP TRAY attachment is great for storing you glue bottles, plastic beads, tying material, and UV flashlight. It's perfect for separating and organizing essential materials so that you can stay more organized and crank out more flies.

The WHEEL is great for storing tools, tying materials, and finished flies. This surface is magnetically charged due to a precise layout of magnets within the product surface which allows you as the tyer to slap your essential metal (ferrous) tools to the top or bottom side of the wheel for convenient easy to find storage. NO MORE MINING THROUGH THE MESS IN SEARCH OF YOUR SCISSORS! NOTE: fits vise shafts up to 3/8", custom orders available

The Shaft Extension is designed to provide additional clearance between the WHEEL's surface and the jaws of your vise. This extension gives you back the 1/2" in clearance that the WHEEL height takes up while also giving you the ability to increase the height of your vise by up to approximately 2". This product gives you the freedom to fine tune your vise height on both a c-clamp and pedestal base. So if you are on the road or just setting up at a new table, you now have more flexibility to find that preferred jaw height sweet spot.


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