Fishing In Oregon: 12th Edition

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1000s of updates to reflect important changes both physical and regulatory. Virtually every Lake, Stream, and Bay Managed by ODFW is covered in this award-winning guide to Oregon's more then 1,300+ sportfishing waters. Dozens of maps, index to fly-only waters, and packed with practical information on access and fishing. Photos, 100 detailed maps. Softcover 8x11 inches, 424 pgs.

"For decades I've kept the most recent edition of Fishing in Oregon tucked in the seat pocket of the rig. I've read it cover to cover and discovered some of my favorite Oregon waters that way."
Dave Hughes, An Angler's Astoria and Pocketguide to Western Hatches

"Every 4 years Maddy writes a love letter to Oregon in the form of this masterful guide. For decades she has cultivated relationships with our waters, fisheries, anglers, and stewards, and her deep knowledge of Oregon emerges from every page. Share this state treasure with your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone new to "Fishing in Oregon."
-Liz Hamilton, Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association

"When I was a kid, I travelled Oregon in my mind, discovering magic new fishing places via my dog-eared copy of Fishing in Oregon. The full gamut, from the "holy waters" to the small brooks and ponds are all in the regularly updated versions of this angler's guide to Oregon. Read it thoroughly...and then pack the pickup and go there...first in your imagination and then with your kids. It is the best gift you can give them...and yourself!"
-Jim Martin, retired Chief of Fisheries, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Conservation Director, Berkley Conservation Institute; Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

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