Trout Grass: Revival Edition

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Trout Grass returns! Remastered for better image and sound quality, the acclaimed documentary is back as the The Revival Edition. New DVD bonus materials include a commentary track with David James Duncan and Glenn Brackett, deleted scenes, and a short film. From lush forests in China to a rustic workshop in Montana, Trout Grass: The Revival Edition is a scenic and captivating 10,000-mile journey into the passion of fly fishing. 47 min.

Trout Grass is an evocative journey into the passion of fly fishing while revealing the magical process of cultivating natural fibers into a functional work of art. From the verdant hillsides of Southern China to a dusty workshop & the clear rivers of Montana, this story reveals what the spirit of unseen hands can do for the soul.

Writer David James Duncan's first film script takes us inside the heart of one of America's most beloved story-tellers, as we learn how plying the waters with a fly rod made of grass can help anglers find their place in the order of rivers & flowing things.

Follow the journey of a remarkable plant, through the hands-on approach to a century-old tradition, as master rod maker Glenn Brackett transforms a single bamboo pole into a stunning 3-oz. fly rod.


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